Think Beyond

Think Beyond

Your sales optimisation partner.

High Performance Sales

We help you fine tune the balance between the people, process and platform components of your sales organisation to drive optimal sales performance and profitable revenue growth.

Leveraging our best-in-class Diamond Model® for high performing sales teams, we help you reframe, restructure and reorganise how you think about sales operations to underpin your growth ambitions.

Sales Transformation Diagnostics & Strategy

Get to grips with where you are underperforming, and identify the opportunities to improve your capability that will drive your strategic objectives.

Sales Transformation Roadmap & Execution

Whether it is substantive change or tweaking the performance dials, building out a prioritised roadmap with the buy-in of your teams will help you drive successful incremental transitions of improvement.

Using our blend of sales knowledge, consultancy and digital delivery experience we adopt an iterative approach to technology enablement which focuses on business needs and outcomes in order to optimise the value of your technology platforms.

CRM Diagnostics & Strategy

Ensure you are leveraging the significant investments you make in technology by ensuring it is optimised and in harmony with your ways of working.

CRM & Digital Enablement

Implement and configure the enabling technologies that underpin how you engage with your customers, drive sales growth and allow your sales teams to focus on value creating activities.

Maximising sales potential the human way

Embed high performance sales behaviours.

– competencies

– capabilities

– coaching

Enable your sales growth ambitions.

– standardisation

– collbaoration

– automation

Drive sales performance excellence.

– implementation

– remediation

– optimisation

We have a deep understanding of sales, sales people and sales processes. We adopt a human-centric approach to optimising technology, taking the time to truly understand your needs, and working with you to design the solutions that work best for your business.

With 20+ years of B2B Sales Experience our approach teases out the key underlying challenges and provides a framework for you to identify and prioritise opportunities for improvement that will underpin the drivers for change, fuel your strategic objectives, and help garner organisation-wide understanding and consensus for the sales transformation journey ahead.

ISV Partner

Registered ISV Partner with Salesforce since 2019

Consulting Partner

Registered Consulting Partner with Salesforce Since 2021

Our Apps

Coaching Sales Behaviours

The Virtual Sales Coach
Embed high performance sales behaviours into your team


Sequencer Opportunity Manager
Shorten deal cycles and win more opportunities in less time


Strategic Large Account Manager
Supercharge your relevance and unlock the sales potential

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